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NACEDRAM Conference 2018 – Workshop Registration

Click on link below for registration:

Have you ever wondered how exciting it would be to attend a 1-day filmmaking workshop followed by hands-on exercises? All our participants will not only gain an understanding of the basics of writing, directing, casting, camera, lights, sound, continuity, digital editing and so much more but also, they will be part of a completed short film project in one activity filled 2018 NACEDRAM Conference.

Register to secure your space now!

Note: You are only allowed to register for ONE of the five workshops.

List of workshops:

  1. Script and Screen Play Writing
  2. Acting, Directing and Casting
  3. Camera, Sound and Lighting
  4. Production Schedule, Location, Continuity, Make-up, Costume and Props
  5. Post Production and Editing

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