• Description
    This is a temporary construction elevators that lifts people and cargo by rolling the gears up and down which is driven by the electric motor. Equipped with anti-fall safety devices, overload devices and numerous mechanical interlocking safety devices, it can effectively guarantee the safety of people and the cargo and improve…[Read more]

  • Founded in 2003,SYSBEL®(Shanghai Sysbel Industry & Technology Co., Ltd.) is located in Shanghai City, Pudong Jinhai Road No. 1000 Jinling 26 building 6 floor A block. our company is professional in environmental protection & employee safety and health. With a manufacturing factory of 5000㎡and over 120 working staffs.As a sole proprietorship, wi…[Read more]

  • JHY Development History
    JHY company is a Chinese manufacturer of industrial robot and solutions for factory automation. The corporate of history of JHY began in 1990 in Wuxi city. And the first leader is old Mr zhou, at the beginning, JHY company main business is selling weld machine and some other industrial products with only 5 staffs, after 15…[Read more]

  • Stainless steel/spring steel/chromium plating
    Connecting rod stamping parts, stainless steel or other materials, chrome plated surface; smooth and stable surface when linking between instruments; strong support force.
    Chrome-plated stainless steel has a very high hardness, chrome-plated layer has a good heat resistance, its…[Read more]

  • Product Overview
    PA-300TD-IQ-B portable exhaust extraction system has very good performance for fume filtration for electronic soldering process, it with two fume inlet and two freestanding arm, including 3 layers filtration to ensure filtrate harmful material of the fumes completely, to achieve room air quality standard, protect environment and…[Read more]

  • Product Detail
    Basic Info
    •Model NO.: JLDC-007
    •Age: Adults
    •Gender: Ladies’
    •Feature: Ladies’ down coat
    •Usage: keep you warm, EASY TO WEAR FOR OUTDOOR
    •Origin: JIAXING, ZHEJIANG, CHINAOutwear
    websit…[Read more]

  • ● ASME/ANSI Stainless Steel Roller Chain
    ● ASME/ANSI Nickel Plated Roller Chain
    ● British Standard Roller Chain
    ● Non-Standard Roller Chain
    ● 81X Conveyor Chain
    ● Welded Steel Chain
    ● ASME/ANSI Rollerless Chain
    ● Combination Chain
    ● Caterpillar Chain
    ● Drop Forged Rivetless Chain
    Another technology that is sometimes used on combines is a conti…[Read more]

  • Product Introduction
    Nuts are almost always used in conjunction with a mating bolt to fasten multiple parts together. The two partners are kept together by a combination of their threads’ friction (with slight elastic deformation), a slight stretching of the bolt, and compression of the parts to be held together.
    Product…[Read more]

  • ◎ Our History
    Shenzhen BOCT Technology Co.,Ltd, established in 17th, Jan, 2003, has focused on top quality LCD display products for over 16 years in china. We started as a small operation and from KTV LCD products, but now have been one of the leading suppliers in LCD advertising industry in china.
    Today BOCT is a professional manufacturer e…[Read more]

  • Company Profile
    Invested by Beijing Allway Science & Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing Auwii Science & Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of laboratory instrument and environment-friendly refrigeration equipment, with its registered trademark being Auwii®. Additionally, Beijing Auwii has…[Read more]

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